Support Us

Thank you for aiding our work at Wholly Human. There are currently two methods of offering support: by donating to the Land-Back fund and/or by compensating the Wholly Human lead organizer.

Donations to the Land-Back fund are a reparative act and do not involve the exchange of any goods or services. These funds do not pay the organizers; instead, they’re reserved for the purchase of land. By donating, you’re helping Black founders recover from centuries of forced dispossession, exploitation, and trauma in an act of reparative justice in tandem with Indigenous sovereignty. You can donate on this GoFundMe page.

Patrons of key founder Lunē G. get access to content and provide compensation for time taken to organize, write, hold space, wisdom share, and heal amidst all the other things done to make-do under anti-blackness and capitalist oppression. This also helps cover legal fees that go into making Wholly Human a viable and sustainable project. You can become a patron on her Patreon page.

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