Decolonization, Rematriation, and Intentional Living

Creating spaces that support being more wholly human.

Ground in a personal experience informed by the mind, body, and spirit.
Form relationships of all kinds with honesty, consent, and respect.
Participate in communities that support and adapt with wisdom, compassion, and vision.
Respond as an ecosystem within a network of ecosystems, dialed into each other’s patterns.
Connect with a spirit greater than any concept, binary, religion, or empire.

This is how we create space for recovery, find purpose and fulfillment in the every-day, and make magic mundane. This is how we become more wholly human.

Whether online or on land, Wholly Human is a community striving to live with intention and in communion with the Earth, with ourselves, and with each other. We work toward the liberation of all beings, and to share what we build and what we learn along the way.

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Wholly Human’s top resources and organizations, plus educational media we’ve found to be useful tools for reflecting on community and decolonization.

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