Decolonization, Rematriation, and Intentional Living

What could it look like to be more wholly human? Let’s imagine some of the details across five handy categories:

Imagine knowing yourself and your world just as well with your body as you do with your intellect. Imagine trusting that knowing.

Imagine responding to your relationships both with openness and healthy boundaries. Imagine having a wise and compassionate relationship with your emotions.

Imagine being in a community that responds to you as you respond to it. Imagine having more access to the resources you truly need, including care and support.

Imagine having a reciprocal relationship with the Earth and never feeling lost again. Imagine allowing your body’s inner clock to follow the ecological systems that created it in the first place.

Imagine letting go of the tension and insecurity brought on by the spread of empire, industrialization, manufactured scarcity, and binary worldviews. Imagine remembering how whole your spirit already is.

Wholly Human is dedicated to creating real, accessible, and just transitions for a fuller and healthier human experience. Intentional living is mindful living, and mindfulness is reflected all around us in our monastic approach to life. After all, a human is a node in the network of a community, so how we occupy that space truly matters. Do we rush through our lives, numb to the environment and guided instead by old traumas and toxic narratives? Or do we listen to the environment and give room for our bodies to respond, encouraged by our peers in our personal and spiritual process? We’re choosing to choose, to step in another direction and begin building decolonial structures and possibilities, fully aware that to transition is to bridge two worlds.

As humans ourselves, we’re living this process in real time and are watching our plans form in medias res, so outlining a specific outcome is neither easy nor appropriate. At the smallest scale, our community is a growing website for organizing our resources and vision. Soon, our group will share living and working space, leverage our shared resources to generate skills, options, and support, freeing up time and resources to serve the broader community. Later, it could grow into a collection of buildings built or repurposed on reclaimed land, or transitioned from a multi-unit building—a village of families identified by lifestyles and intentions. Whether we’re online, co-living as an intentional family, or a small village with broader inter-community influence, Wholly Human is an effort to live with intention and in communion with the earth, with ourselves, and with each other, for ourselves today and for the benefit of all beings; and to share our lessons and resources along the way.

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