Decolonization, Rematriation, & Intentional Living

Wholly Human is an information hub for all those seeking more resources in support of individual and community healing, intentional communities, Earth reverence, and conscious cultural change, all through a decolonial lens. To connect the micro and macro processes, we organize our work into five categories: the self, relationships, community, ecology, and spirituality.

Our path involves centering non-binary black femme leadership in direct response to the limited access and representation among many spiritual, alternative and eco-active spaces—something we believe should be internally addressed by any group that claims to be “doing the work” to heal our society and planet.

Mission Statement

We are sincerely dedicated to living in right relation with the Earth and to the liberation of all people. Toward this end, our mission is to build and support intentional community as we work to meet the present from a rematriated, decolonial, Earth-reverent perspective. Liberated communities are safe spaces for healing and thriving beyond the severely toxic and limiting standards of colonio-capitalist ideology and lifestyle. We build this sense of community by:

  • Centering the access, needs, and voices of marginalized people.
  • Deconstructing and relating beyond social concepts like gender, race, “productivity,” cis heteropatriarchy, and the nuclear family model.
  • Planning and practicing agro-forestry, de-growth, transitional energy and infrastructure solutions, and closed-cycle waste/resource management.
  • Supplementing community supports, including knowledge sharing and mutual aid.
  • Curating safe and intentional spaces for constructive exploration and imaginative play.
  • Empowering people to exercise their attention as a motivational and visionary tool.
  • Recognizing trauma and facilitating its integration for healing.
  • Sharing our adaptive strategies in an open-source format as we transition and grow.

Vision Statement

Wholly Human aligns its efforts with a vision of a post-colonial world. The process of rematriation—of “returning the Sacred to the Mother”1—is more about reincorporating a way of viewing the world than it is about returning to a place or time.2 By applying a rematriated lens to our selves, relationships, communities, ecosystems, and spiritual journey, we’re able to adapt to challenges and opportunities without losing sight of our vision of liberated, Earth-centered communities.

Long patterns of empire-building, colonization, patriarchy, privatization, industrialization, and inequality are driving ecosystem collapse and humanitarian crises worldwide. All of this is achieved via the exploitation and marginalization of living and non-living beings. Since we observe the Earth as a divine consciousness and as a primary target of colonized society, the Earth’s systems and communications serve as a compass for Wholly Human. To this end, our work prioritizes ongoing indigenous sovereignty, land stewardship, and black liberation efforts.

Furthermore, as a direct response to the aforementioned injustices and in support of the lives, perspectives, and solutions that are systematically denied and attacked, Wholly Human prioritizes the needs and voices of Black, indigenous, femme, and LGBTQ+ people. We joyfully welcome more fortunate visitors to share their privileges, especially in ways that help fund and network the organization’s mission. We believe this best serves in the healing and liberation of all beings.

We embark on this transitional process not in an effort to save the world from climate change, nor to save humanity from colonialism. Rather, we aim to live adaptively, compassionately, and in right relation with the Earth. It’s appropriate and fulfilling, whatever the social or existential circumstances. Doing so makes it possible to create greater cultural and ecological change in the future and to live joyfully and harmoniously in the present. This is our purpose, responsibility, and birthright as human beings.

1 https://rematriation.com
2 https://jackfrombkln.medium.com/rematriation-an-end-to-patriarchy-3cfc73e019ab

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